November 15, 2016

Another episode in which everything is pretty much hunky dory.

Brooke and Quinn throw Haley a surprise baby shower. Millie, Alex, and Miss Lauren also attend, Mia is off on tour. Haley is a bit tricky to trick and Quinn ends up having to tell Haley in order to get her out of the house. It’s funny. But first Haley asks Quinn if it’s ok to name the baby Lydia and Quinn’s of course totes stoked and ok with it.

Jamie has Little League try outs and Nathan, Clay, and Julian are the coaches. I think they invited Julian along because Jamie likes him. Kellerman’s son shows up to the field during the tryouts after missing a meeting earlier in the day. Clay is not that keen on this guy’s attitude, but Nathan thinks he’s a lot like himself and wants to give him a chance. The guy is nice to Jamie and gives him some batting pointers. He’s nice to kids so he can’t be all bad. Nathan talks to him later in the evening and they have a handshake signing deal, Fortitude will be his agent. We’ll see how all this plays out!

Mouth actually is genuinely supportive of Millie getting the field reporter job. He even helps her and if he’s holding a grudge he sure isn’t showing it at all. That’s pretty decent. Still don’t know their relevance.

I noticed that Chase is a main cast member now. Don’t know when that happened. Pretty funny that the first time I notice him in the opening titles he’s not in the episode at all. Haha.

Clay and Quinn are in a good place and aren’t in any rush to get engaged or anything. They happen upon the spot where they were in the inbetween. They know they haven’t been there, but can’t quite put their finger on why it’s so familiar. Awww.

Julian and Brooke have decided to adopt. They get a call back right away. They talk to a girl that is 19 and pregnant and is hoping to find a good home for her baby. She’s not ready to be a mom. Brooke thinks that the best thing to do is tell some lies, but Julian thinks they should just be themselves. Brooke totally misrepresents them. She says they both had great childhoods, she’s got a clothing company, they both have super loving and supportive parents, yadda yadda yadda, oh and that they only eat organic food or whatever. It’s all false! Despite all of this, Brooke thinks the interview went really well.

Of course, the girl shows up at the baby shower to drop off cookies. She didn’t know there was a shower, she just wanted to give Brooke a gift for coming in for the interview on such short notice. Brooke of course opens the door after a contrived moment of Haley wanting someone to chug a beer for her and Brooke is chosen to do the honors. Um, when was the last time you saw Haley drink more than a sip of wine?! Missing beer…yeah, right.

Brooke invites the girl in, but tells her not to say anything. Brooke seems to be sliding back into old high school habits. It’s reminiscent of when she and Peyton were allergic to telling the truth. But Brooke goes right away to confide in Haley just who the girl is. Haley of course is ecstatic, but agrees to keep the secret. Brooke doesn’t want to get her hopes up in case the girl chooses someone else. However, not telling anyone, and event though this girl is a stranger to them, everyone is completely open and honest making jokes about their recent forays into criminal behavior. It also comes out that Brooke no longer has her company and Victoria comes over and it’s revealed to the girl that she was in prison and in fact most of the people in the room have done some some time in the clink.

The girl is confused and upset that she finds everything Brooke said earlier wasn’t entirely the truth. She’s all, I’m 19 and pregnant, I don’t judge. Brooke talks to her in the room and tells her the real story of Brooke Davis. For some reason, Brooke has a picture of herself in high school drunk, on the floor and holding a beer. Whaaa? The girl thanks Brooke for her honesty and leaves.

The girl comes back later that night and tells Brooke and Julian that she’s glad she got to know more about the real them. She wants people that will be understanding when the kid makes a mistake and finds it comforting that they’ve made some of their own. She chooses them. Julian and Brooke are ecstatic. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!