November 17, 2016

It’s clip show time! Every show has one and this one is no different. The backdrop of the episode is Haley giving birth to Lydia. She’s barely in the episode so I guess the actress had her baby for reals as well. A lot of the flashbacks/clips are played because Jamie is putting togeher and informational photo album for Lydia. He asks a question and someone answers with a flashback. Nathan also has a clipback when he sees a kid in a Tree Hill letterman jacket. Oddly, NONE of the flashbacks/clips involve the crackerjack bracelet. Boo!

That being said it’s still a pretty enjoyable episode with some good laughs. One definite LOL moment is the eating 6 crackers in a minute challenge. OMG.

Brooke and Julian think they are getting a baby too. Chloe is in labor and in an instant decides to keep the baby. Turns out that she hadn’t told the father and when he did find out he was up to the challenge. Brooke and Julian get super sad, but manage to pull themsleves together to celebrate with Naley.

Until next time…tooda loos!