November 20, 2016

I love the episodes that highlight our friends as good people. Because they really are, they’re nice and they’re good. And it’s not boring!

The River Court is in danger of becoming a site for condos. Kellerman told Nathan about the Spivey Plover, which is an endangered bird that lays its eggs on the ground. Jamie learned about it in Miss Lauren’s class. Nathan, Jamie, Clay, Julian, Chase, and Chuck all go to camp out at the River Court and video tape through the night in hopes of catching the proof of the bird on film. I spent the episode hoping they would find something because I’m pretty anti when it comes to the influx of condos being built. Ugh.

Quinn, Brooke, Alex, and Lauren go to Puerto Rico for Quinn’s photo shoot. They have a good time. Alex does her best to help Brooke hide her pregnancy from the others. They go so far as to waste good shots. After tossing two, I would think that it’s perfectly ok to say you’ve had enough without arousing suspicion. It doesn’t matter because Quinn totally notices and figures it out. It’s pretty funny and gross because at one point Brooke attacks some leftover fries that a stranger left outside. Yuck!

Haley literally doesn’t speak until like the last five minutes of the episode. She gives I have an IDEA face. She goes to the boutique and closes the blinds. She has a plan! No, I don’t know who is watching Lydia. Skills? Junk and Fergie? Deb? Idk, she never says.

Millie’s rants on the news program are popular and they are gaining momentum with the higher ups. Her next segment will be an audition for a morning show as the station is doing away with the morning news. Whaaa? Innyway, they want to see a more serious side of Millie so Mouth helps her prepare to cover the story of the River Court. I still think Mouth can go away, but I really do appreciate that he’s genuinely in Millie’s corner even though she has the job he wanted. It’s refreshing.

I really don’t think Haley is living in same timeline as everyone else.

The morning arrives and Nathan goes to get coffee. While he’s away, Julian and Chase are talking about how he and Brooke have decided to stay in Tree Hill. At least I think they are. Chase ends up telling Julian that he’s joined the Air Force and has to leave soon. Of course, Chuck overhears this and is pizznasties. He goes and locks himself in the car. Chase leaves him there to sulk because he can’t get in the car. Chuck sees the tractor thing that he and Jamie explored earlier. He knows the key is still in the ignition. So, everybody is minding their own business when here comes the tractor thingy. Of course, Chuck can’t control it or stop it. Chase manages to help him. He scolds Chuck. The kid just repeats that he doesn’t want Chase to leave. See, Chuck doesn’t believe that Chase will come back. His dad said he was going to get him a bike and would be back to show him how to ride it. His dad never returned. They hug. Chuck has issues.

The bright side? Chuck did break some stuff that was hiding the bird nests they were looking for! Hopefully this will save the River Court! Millie and Mouth come to report on the findings. Millie passes the mic over to Mouth because he really knows how to tell the story better than she does, he grew up there! They work together. It’s beautiful.

Brooke gets back and meets Haley at the boutique. Only, it’s not the boutique anymore…it’s Karen’s Cafe! Haley speaks! She says she wants to reopen it. Brooke asks if she wants a partner. Haley would be thrilled, but she thought Brooke was leaving. Brooke says she’s not because she’s pregnant. The girls are super happy! I’m super happy.

Chase stops by Chuck’s house and brings him a surprise. It’s a bike! He stays to help him learn how to ride it.

Nathan and Jamie are at the River Court to shoot some hoops. Nathan passes Jamie the ball and says if he makes the shot, the River Court will stay exactly the way it is. Jamie sinks it and the excitement on his face is priceless. Roll Credits.

Sometimes this show just gets it right.

Until next time…tooda loos!