November 21, 2016

Alrighty, I hade to edit the day count on a few posts. Apparently, I was a day off since S8 E12 or somewhere around there. Oops! I only realized it because the days weren’t going to add up to 188. Well, glad I caught that.

So, we begin with a voice over from Jamie saying that he lives in a magical town and is surrounded by magicians. As he says this, Haley is standing in finished cafe. Magicians indeed!

We come to later find that Jamie is reading to Lydia from a novel calle Boy’s Life or some such. How sweet. But the sentiment is true, is this not a magical town?

It’s another one of those episodes that’s just sweet and shows how far our friends have come. A calm before the storm, if you will. If you have any working knowledge of Season 9, you know that Haley isn’t really pregnant in the real life so the most ridiculous stuff may once again commence! It definitely has its moments, but it also definitely has one more bit of crazy up its sleeve. Also, Gavin’s version of I Don’t Wanna Be is back in the opening credits to end the season. So refreshing as NOT A SINGLE alternate version even came close to being as good. NOT. A. ONE.

It seems that weeks have passed since our gang saved the River Court. Brooke is now showing and well, the Cafe is ready to open. Mouth and Millie in the morning is set to launch and Alex is their first guest. Chase goes off to the Air Force and like another month passes. And then before you know it, a full year has passed. How do we know? Because Chase tells Alex that they are to meet at the plane place a year later and he will be just as in love with her as he was at that moment or some such gushiness. He goes to see Chuck before he leaves, but Chuck pretends he’s not home. Chase promises to write as often as he can. Alex actually writes Chase quite a bit, but then she stops and he sees in a tabloid that she’s dating some dude. He’s crushed. Mia is playing a USO show and he goes to see her. They have a very mature conversation. Didn’t know Mia had it in her. She’s come a long way and it’s pretty cool!

When Chase gets back, he’s looking mighty fine in his fancy uniform. He waits for Alex and just when we think she isn’t going to show, there she is. He tells her that who they are from this moment on is all he cares about or whatever. Alex is delighted and he is happy and they kiss and stuff. Then they go find Chuck over at the River Court. Chuck rushes over to give him a big hug. Awww.

Meanwhile, over the span of the year, Haley and Brooke reopen Karen’s Cafe. Yay! Haley sings a song that has that “Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.” Quote from the wall at the Cafe. It’s a song called Walk the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Who knew? All this time. Innyway, it’s nice.

Also, Mouth and Millie have a morning talk show at the local news station. Then Millie gets asked to go to Charlotte and Mouth says she should take the job. Um, Millie pursued this stuff on a whim, I doubt she wants to go bigger than Tree Hill. Of course she doesn’t and she comes back to Tree Hill and they clown Skills and everybody’s happy!

Then Brooke decides to climb on a stool and get a heavy bag of something at the cafe. Her twins are born a wee bit early, but no worries, Brooke Davis is strong enough for the whole family. Julian said so! And so she is as Davis and Jude Baker survive their mother’s moment of wtfness.

Jamie has  storyline, but he was a butt to Madison so so what? Well, he does apologize later, but it takes him an awfully long time to come to that conclusion! Ugh, whatevs!

Clay and Nathan go off and try and find their next client. Nathan is in a constant search for someone like himself. Someone who loves the game and works hard to be that much better. Nathan has always worked hard to be the best he can be on the court, even when he was jerkface jerk. So it makes sense. They find one and I don’t know if we’ll ever hear about him again. But he gets home and it’s super sweet because he goes to get Lydia and then goes and sits on Jamie’s bed while he sleeps and then Haley comes in and sits with them and they are all there as this sweet little family of adorbs!

Clay and Quinn have a good time as always.

Aaaand, Nathan and Haley had talked earlier and he decided that he wanted to go tell Dan about the kids. So he does! He goes to the diner where Dan is always making burgers and nobody is ever there. It’s gotta be a ring of hell or something. Innyway, Nathan goes and pays his daddy a visit. He doesn’t say much. He puts a picture of Lydia on the counter and says this is my daughter. And then he puts a baseball on the counter and says this is Jamie’s first hit, a game winning double. Dan says, Baseball? Nathan says, Yeah, he loves it. As Nathan leaves, Dan says Thank you. OMG, Dan is looking mighty fine in that always making greasy burgers for nobody kinda way.

We end on Jamie sitting with his sister and reading to her. Some inspirational voiceovers from everyone. And then Jamie, dressed in a his size Keith Scott Body Shop hoodie dribbling his basketball over the bridge to the River Court just like his Uncle Lucas! Awww! Roll Credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!