November 22, 2016

And here it is, the beginning of the end…the last season premier. I already miss it!

No opening title sequence, it gets down to business with the serious title card. And serious music. And serious voiceover by Nathan talking about hell and it being empty and all the devils being here. Apparently, it’s from Shakespeare. Yeah, I never by it when they have Nathan do a voiceover that involves anything other than sports metaphors. Oh, and there’s fire. Lots and lots of fire.

We actually see what might be endings. Remember how we left our friends all hunky dory at the end of last season? Well, things seem to have taken a turn. We don’t know when and we don’t know why, but some stuff has hit the fan. We see that Dan’s diner is burning. No worries, very little chance it had any patrons at the time. We see Brooke throwing stuff all over at the Cafe while people are there. We see Julian being beat up.We see Dan and Chris Keller in a car about to go do something with a gun. We see Clay and Quinn NOT in a good place, he’s actually saying he doesn’t want her around. Whaaa? We see Chase with blood on his face and being handcuffed and put into the back of a squad car.We see Haley crying over a body, but we don’t know whose body.


Well, we’ll have to wait and find out because this episode doesn’t really give many if any answers at all. While everyone isn’t necessarily hunky dory, they aren’t in the dire straits they will be in come sweeps!

What’s going on with our friends?

Clay & Quinn: We happen upon Clay asleep on that spinny thing at the park. Quinn has to go pick him up. This isn’t the first time, but he’s not ready to get doctors involved. Quinn decides to stay awake all night to see if he gets out of bed and walks out the house again. He doesn’t, but he does come around to the idea of going to see a doctor. The doc doesn’t have any insight at the moment. Of course, the next night Clay does get up and wanders Tree Hill. He looks awake, but he’s not really. Now, I totes know what his deal is and they’ve really outdone themselves on the ridiculousness scale. Seriously, it will blow your mind!

Chase & Alex: They are getting along, that’s good! Chase doesn’t do much in this episode, mainly he’s just in it for eye candy. Hey, he takes care of himself! Alex has a run in with Chris Keller’s style of help. He ends up being right about the track she’s recorded, but we’ve met Chris Keller, we know how he can be.

Julian & Brooke: These two haven’t had much sleep. It’s wearing on them, but they are making it work. They had twins, that’s their life for the next 1000 years. We glean from their conversations and then see it later that Julian now has his very own soundstage! He has no clients booked because the one movie he had booked backed out at the last minute. Ugh! He found this out after the Christening. Haley is their Godmother. Brooke’s dad is the Godfather, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to show. But then he does! Haley says it’s like seeing a Bigfoot. Haha. Brooke drives the boys around at night and she has her own little voiceover vignette about how she sees the town now vs how she used to see it. Blah blah blah.

Haley & Nathan: We see Lydia all throughout this episode. We see Jamie for tiny little bits, mostly asleep, but then when he sees Dan. Haley walks up to the Cafe and notices that the door is wide open. She doesn’t see anything and nothing is messed up or stolen. She tells Brooke about it as she leaves to go meet the new person running the label. OMG, it’s Chris Keller! She immediately wants him gone. He applied for and got the job under a fake name…Harry Johnson. Oh, Chris. Later on at night she sees that the door leading out the pool has been left wide open. After she closes it and bolts it, she goes to bed. We see someone trying to come in, but can’t. Dun dun dun. She talks to Nathan on the phone every night, he’s traveling for Fortitude. At the end of the Christening, Dan shows up at the Church and basically begs Haley to give him a place to stay until he can get back on his feet. He says that the diner burned down and it had a little place where he stayed, but it burned up too. Um, Dan, pretty sure you set that place on fire! Haley doesn’t want to, but she feels sorry for the pathetic that is Dan and says he can stay, but if Nathan gets home and kicks him out he’s gots to go. Dan thinks that’s fair enough.

So what happens? Haley goes back to the studio to see Chris and tell him that he gets to run the label on a trial basis. Chris has missed Haley, but I’m not so sure she’s missed him. They have a cute moment. Well, this of course leaves Dan at the house with the kids. He goes and picks up and awake but calm and quiet Lydia out of her bed. And who should appear in the doorway? Nathan! He’s back and Dan smiles and is all, SON! Well, he’s calm and Dan about it. Nathan just startes, he can’t believe his eyes. Um…

Until next time…tooda loos!