November 23, 2016

An odd episode. It kind of just happens and then it’s over. I didn’t even realize it was ending and then it just ended. Like whaaa? I guess they were worn out from the dramatics of the premiere.

We see Mouth and Millie for the first time this season. Seems that Mouth has blimped out in a year and no one wants to tell him. This happens to guys on TV though. Not the guys on OTH, but in general, I’ve noticed that if a guy’s job on TV gets too cush, they get cush. The actor is wearing prosthetics to make him look “fat” though. See, the morning show is doing well and his relationship with Millie is going well so Mouth has let himself go a bit. But like I said, no one wants to tell him. Yeah, their whole storyline this episode revolved around that one thing over and over again.

Brooke goes between her parents. Her dad wants to help her with Baker Man, a high end baby clothing line for boys. Victoria turned down the idea last episode and her dad has agreed in this one. Victoria is anti the dad. Either way, Brooke knows that her parents only care about her when she has a fashion line and she hopes one day they’ll just wanna hang out with her because. She of course tells this to her mother not her father because Victoria is the one that’s there. She’s there even without the clothing line and even though she declined to help with the new one. But meh.

Quinn spends her day struggling to get Clay to get some help. He’s sleepwalking around town and she’s just picked him up from his 4th adventure to the playground. Hmm, why does he keep going to the playground?! She gets Nathan on her side and he talks to Clay with her. He doesn’t think Clay should be going to Europe for the athlete showcase in his condition. Clay begrudgingly agrees. He also agrees to take the medication his doctor prescribed. But Quinn didn’t go with him to pick it up and he leaves the pharmacy without it. What a dum dum.

Chris Keller tells Alex he can get her an opening act gig on a pretty big tour. She takes some time to think about. Chase and Chuck spend the day moving Alex’s stuff into his apartment so that he can ask her to live with him. Sounds great except, um, whaaa? So he does and they do it and stuff. But then she goes back to Chris Keller and says she wants to go on tour. And we know on this show that means they’ll have to break up because women aren’t allowed to leave town for awhile and go do their own thing and still expect to have a boyfriend or a husband when they get back. Nope.

Nathan is not happy that Dan is still in his house. But Jamie doesn’t want Dan to go. Nathan takes his son’s feelings into consideration, but still tells Dan to leave. Jamie just doesn’t know! Dan is the DEVIL! Haley is not happy that Nathan has to leave again. He promises that it’s just for a week and then he’s home for the rest of the year. As he leaves he tells Dan to take a hike. Dan’s all, yeah yeah, sure sure. Nathan leaves for the airport and Jamie comes running outside. He thinks his mean old parents have sent Dan away and that Dan would be gone. You know, I’m not even sure Jamie likes his parents. Well, I don’t like Jamie, maybe they should ship him off for awhile! This is TV so I can say that. He’s all, I thought you left! And Dan says, I’m not going anywhere. He walks Jamie inside. Creeper. And I think that’s it. See, it’s just over! Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!