November 24, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving Day stateside, so Happy Thanksgiving! Tree Hill already celebrated that last season. I don’t think they’ll be doing any holiday celebrating this season. I’m not even sure what time of year it is at this point. The kids are in school though, so there’s that.

Today’s episode is once again pretty lackluster. It has a few surprises for us though. And no Nathan in this one. He was off filming a movie or something. Was it Donnie Darko 2? Idk.

We’ll get Mouth and Millie out of the way. Their storyline is still about Mouth gaining weight. She brings this to his attention on air. They fight about it and Zzzz…right, so what, who cares?

Chase is a sad sack because you know he and Alex broke up because one cannot go on tour and still be considered someone’s girlfriend. That’d be crazy! He ends up spending the evening with Chris Keller at a strip club. Zzz, like why are they even on this show? Why do tertiary characters have scenes apart from the main cast?!

Brooke thinks she’s going to spend the day with her dad schmoozing investors on the golf course. She obvy knows nothing about golf if she thinks she’s going to tee off at noon! Yeah, right. It turns out he really just wanted to meet them there for lunch. She gets all butt hurt, but goes along with it and then goes home afterward and complains to Victoria about what jerk her dad is. Victoria can’t muster much more than an I love you and I told you so! Victoria leaves back to New York. Later Brooke talks to her dad and he pretty much tells her that right now he’s all business and other stuff. He’s a awful. Blah blah blah. Later, Brooke asks Julian to take one of the twins to daycare. The other will be staying with her because he’s sick. Why not keep them both then? Well, because then Julian wouldn’t…

Haley spends her whole day swamped at the cafe. While Brooke spends an ENTIRE morning getting ready to go golfing, Haley has to run the cafe by herself. And I guess she has a couple of wait staff. And the chef has quit to work at cafe that is having its grand opening across the street. Haley gets so desparate at one point that she throws Chris Keller in the kitchen to cook. He doesn’t do very well. Then when she sees Chris Keller eating a burger she goes back to see who is in the kitchen. Well wouldn’t you know, it’s Dan! He finally gets to cook for actual people. At some point some lady notices that Dan Scott has been cooking the food and is all, MURDERER! Dan says he’ll go, but Haley is just not having it right now. She says that anyone who has problem with Dan Scott cooking their burgers can go, their food is on the house. 4 people leave. This does not clear the restaurant for the day which is probably what she must’ve been hoping for. The place is still pretty busy. At the end of the day, Dan offers to return tomorrow. Haley says no thanks. She explains that it’s not about what happened earlier, it’s the fact that it’s KAREN’S Cafe. Dan should’ve NEVER killed Keith. It really put his character in a tough spot which in turn puts the Scotts in a difficult spot. It was just stupid. Oh, did I mention that Haley’s hairdo is super cute?!

Quinn and Clay are having their breakfast when his phone rings. He’s up and about so he asks her to answer it. She does and it’s an automated call from the pharmacy saying Clay has 2 days to pick up his subscription. She tells him it was a wrong number. When she inquires how things are going with the medication he says he’s taking it everyday and it shows since he’s been waking up at the house and not at the park! Later at the Cafe, Chris Keller suggests that she put a tracking app on Clay’s phone. She ends up doing just that. Quinn follows him and discovers that Clay is buying drugs from a dude that will factor in later in the season. She takes pictures. She confronts Clay about it at home and he tries to deny it, but she grabs the pills from his pocket. It turns out that once the prescription for his pain meds after the shooting ran out, he started buying them from a dealer. YEAH RIGHT! He then insists he doesn’t have a problem. I’m sorry, but if you’re buying something in secret, you have a problem! He apologizes and walks away. Ugh. Clay causes all sorts of problems this season.

Julian spends the day in an empty soundstage being USELESS! He can’t even provide an appropriate field trip activity for Jamie’s class. Later he gets a phone call asking to see the space for filming a television show. He goes home and tells Brooke the good news. He says he has to go back because the people are flying in from Atlanta to meet him later. She says cool, and asks him to drop off one of the kids on his way back to the soundstage. He’s delighted to. So off he goes! We see him walk into a liquor store to by some alcohol, can’t remember what. He’s not even sure what brand he wants. He doesn’t have the baby so he must’ve dropped him off at daycare already. Still don’t get why that kid has to go to daycare! After a bit he leaves the liquor store and his phone rings. It’s Brooke! Emergency vehicles are zooming down the street.She asks Julian if everything is alright. The daycare called and said the kid was never dropped off. Julian has a moment and rushes around the corner. He sees a stretcher going into an ambulance. A crowd of people has gathered to see what’s going on. His car windows are broken and the baby is no longer in the car seat. Police are investigating or something. As he looks on him horror, he drops the bottle he’s holding and it breaks. He’s in shock. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!