November 25, 2016

Julian spends all day feeling guilty and sad. He forgot Davis was in the car. Davis didn’t die, he’s fine, but Julian can’t forgive himself.

A new cafe has opened up across the street from Karen’s Cafe and they’ve hung up a sign that says Karen’s Cafe hires murderers. Haley and Brooke take great offense to this. They march over there with the babies and demand that it be take down, but they are refused. While they are there, they see that Mouth and Skills are there eating dessert and a salad. Mouth says it was free! The girls can’t even. They make the guys leave with them. It’s actually pretty comical.

Unintentionally comical is the storyline for Clay and Quinn. They have a huge drama day because Quinn is an idiot! She confronts the drug dealer. Clay intervenes when she is attacked and then the dude pulls a gun on the both of them and says he’ll kill them next time. They’re lucky he didn’t just kill Quinn the moment she said she’d tell the cops if he sold to her boyfriend again. Serious stuff, I know. But when Dan overhears the telling of this, he finds the guy in the park and promises to kill him if he ever comes near his family again. Then he goes and finds Clay at the beach and yells at him and then proceeds to dunk him in the ocean again. Quinn sees all of this and can’t quite make it out. Clay insists that he lied and that he actually had no idea he was buying drugs. He hasn’t been taking them, he just didn’t want to scare Quinn even further. Oh, so kicking her out and telling her you don’t want her around was meant to make her feel better about things? Whaaa? He talks to Quinn and they are going to get him help.

Clay goes to see the same head doc that he saw after Sara died. The doc recommends Clay admit himself. He wants Clay to be in a controlled environment and promises that they will help him get better. OMG, it’s crazy what’s in store for this guy, you have no idea!

Chase wakes up with some girl. The girls turns out to be Chris Keller’s girlfriend. Chris Keller has a girlfriend? Whaaa? She’s awful, mainly because she’s the person that owns the diner across the way! Dun dun dun.

Brooke spends the day avoiding Julian. She as one baby on her front and the other on her back. And sometimes she has them in a giant stroller.

When Haley’s closing up the Cafe for the night, Julian is at a table. He tells Haley that he can’t forgive himself. She relays the story of the time she and Nathan found Jamie floating faced down in the pool. She said it took her a long time to forgive herself; she thought she’d ruined him. But he was fine. She says all they can do is love their kids and to always try and do better next time. It’s crazy how Haley is the wise one. When Brooke comes back to the Cafe, after getting some supplies, Haley tells her about Julian. Brooke is having a hard time forgiving Julian too. Haley puts on her wise old owl cap and basically lays down the if it was you, you’d want him to forgive you AND Brooke’s love and forgiveness is the only thing that will help Julian right now. Brooke gets it and then they go fun their errand. They hang a sign over at Tree Hill Cafe that says something not nice and the girl that is playing Chase and Chris happens by and tells them to get off of her property. The girls bolt. Haha.

Mouth is really still struggling with his weight. The only good/fun part about this storyline is when they are interviewing Skills and he tells them the business.

Brooke goes home and after putting the kids down for bed, she finds Julian in the car with the heat on. He tells her that it only goes to 85F and it was probably 101 or some such. Brooke turns off the car and blah blah blah.

It’s the night Nathan is supposed to return. Earlier isn’t he day, he video chatted with her and Lydia. He holds up a stuffed animal that he got Lydia while on the road. Haley gets home and reminds Dan that Nathan will be home soon and Dan needs to leave. Dan says he’ll leave as soon as Nathan arrives. Oh, Dan. The night goes on and Haley has tried calling Nathan, but still no answer. He’s supposed to have made it home by now! The camera zooms to the airport and shows that the stuffed whatever is by the curb, abandoned! Haley, thinking Nathan just had to catch another flay and no time to tell, will be home soon, but she still feels something wrong about it. The tapers she had lit are basicallly nubs. She blows what’s left of them them ou. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!