November 26, 2016

We get a couple more scenes from the premier in this one. We now know why Brooke was destroying a cafe and why Julian is getting beat up!

Small stuff first. Chase is having a rough time knowing Chris Keller. Chris upsets him and he changes his mind about not sleeping with Tara. Chuck’s dad is back and  he seems like a  real  jerkface. But Chuck is over the moon.

Clay admitted himself to the treatment center. He is talking to the doc who has now diagnosed him with a fugue disorder. The doc tells him that the only way to be cured is to remember what he has kept suppressed all of these years. Clay meets a little boy that is staying there as well. The little boy lost both of his parents and goes to live there from time to time. I think the doc knows exactly what Clay has suppressed. It’s wild!

Quinn takes the kids to go visit him. She talks to him about stuff and about Nathan. Clay says he hasn’t heard from him. He thinks maybe Nathan just missed his flight and can’t call because he’s in the air. Quinn has the kids because Haley needed to go try and find Nathan and Dan had to do some stuff away from the house, we aren’t told what.

Brooke goes into work because Haley can’t. Millie tries to show her how to use the fancy coffee machine, but Brooke just doesn’t understand. She asks Julian to drop the kids off at day care. She assures him that he’s a great dad and she loves him. After dropping them off he goes to the Cafe and talks to Brooke about stuff. He leaves and finds a note on his truck that says “Fry your hamburgers, NOT your babies!” Only the dot of the exclamation point is an x. He takes it inside to Brooke and says it takes a stranger to tell him the truth. Um, Julian, that stranger is a jerk! He storms off. Brooke recognizes the penmanship and that strange exclamation point. It’s Tara, the girl that owns the Tree Hill Cafe across the street. A low blow.

Brooke has a note from her to compare because she had dropped a plant off as an in person “friend request!”. It was of course just a jerk move as she had filled it with roaches.                    Later that night, after seeing the note she left Julian, Brooke goes over to read her the riot act, but she’s not there. So instead, she starts throwing condiments at the wall and destroying stuff. So it’s Tree Hill Cafe that she was destroyingy in the premiere. Meanwhile, Julian is getting drunk at a bar and picks on some guy so he’ll beat him up. The guy obliges pretty easily, takes him out back and beats him up. Julian keeps taunting him so that the guy will hit more and harder.  And that’s another scene from the premier. Just a couple scenes left to fill in the blanks of all that.

Haley has a day, of course. We don’t see Nathan in this one either. We do see his phone though. Haley is calling him and we see the phone ringing in some basement somewhere. A man hand picks it up and throws it at a wall, smashing it to pieces. Dun dun dun. She asks Dan to watch the kids, but he tells her he has something he has to do away from the house today. They totally want us and Haley to think he kidnapped Nathan or something. Yeah right. She gets Quinn to watch the kids. She’s about to go do some investigating when Chis Keller shows up at her house to show her the CD he just burned. I guess it’s Alex’s album? Idk. She tells him what she’s up to and she doesn’t have time for his brand of crazy right now. And because Haley and Nathan are his only friends, he wants to go with her. So he does. Haley is going to the police because she want to the airport earlier and found out that Nathan did make it on his flight. She also finds the moose thing he was bringing home for Lydia. But of course the cops won’t help her because it hasn’t been 24 hours. And in true Tree Hill rent a cop fashion, they are totally flip and dismissive. Chris calms her down and talks to the cop for her. He says some things that convinces the cop to  be more polite.

Later at home, childless for the night, Haley finds herself alone in a giant house with Dan, the family murderer. I know he’s sorry and all of that, but seriously, he killed his own brother for what basically boils down to FOR NO REASON. They should all feel uneasy when he’s around. She has a flashback to few days ago when she was talking to Jamie about Dan having to leave when his father got back. She goes up to the guest room where he is staying and starts going through his stuff. She finds stacks of cash and the baseball and the pic of Lydia that Nathan gave him. She starts freaking out. Dan walks in and catches her, he’s not happy. Oh nos!  They go to the kitchen and Haley starts demanding answers. She even hits the nail on the head when she suggests that Dan had burned down the diner himself. She then accuses him of doing something to Nathan so that he wouldn’t have to leave. He grabs her shoulders and tells her to calm down. He didn’t even know Nathan was missing. He burned the diner down because how else would he capitalize on Nathan’s last visit. Hey, it makes total sense. Only, not and Dan is nuts. Haley is all, yeah, you’re right, I don’t know what I was thinking, blah blah blah. You can tell that she just doesn’t want to be murdered tonight. She aplogizes and goes to her room. She locks all of the doors and runs the water. She calls the police. Dan is standing outside of the room. Creeper. She tells the police that she needs help, there’s a murderer in her house. Roll credits.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I found all of that ends scene stuff between Haley and Dan to be riveting. Well played, well played. And I don’t remember how that all gets resolved so I’m for seriously looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!

Until next time…tooda loos!