November 27, 2016

Alrighty, another jampacked episode. We finally get to see Nathan again. His kidnapping is a tad complicated. As it turns out, when he went to Europe he didn’t like any of the prospects so he “went off the beaten path” in Russia. I don’t know about the crime scene in Russia, but it’s pretty par for the course as far as crime scenes go with the added bonus of some crime syndicates owning basketball teams/players. So Nathan was looking to sign one of these players, unaware of this issue. So these guys were ordered to kidnap and kill Nathan. Of course, when the call comes in, Nathan is able to appeal to their greedy side and buys himself more time. I hope they find him soon!

In the meantime, Haley is freaking out, unable to function. She still wants nothing to do with Dan and won’t let him back in the house after he’s released from being questioned by police. Later, Quinn tries to convince Haley that Dan is not a bad guy to have in her corner at the moment. Haley is all, Whaaa?

The news breaks that Nathan is missing so Haley has to tell Jamie. It’s an awkward convo as all she can say is his dad is lost and they’ll find him. Mouth and Millie find out on their show because they are handed the breaking news to deliver. Mout is a dum dum and goes to talk to Clay about it. Clay is like, Nathan’s whaaa? Mouth is all, sorry, thought you knew. Clay kinda does know, but doesn’t at the same time. He decides to leave the treatment center and totally ignores Logan on the way out. Of course, as he leaves this place he totally goes into a fugue state. Luckily, Quinn is driving up to go see him and she somehow manages to get him back to the center even though in his state he has no idea who she is. Later he explains to Logan that he has this problem and Logan is all, Ok. Quinn and the doc convince Clay that he can’t help Nathan because he is nuts right now and needs to fix that before he can help fix anything else. Clays is just upset no one told him. Again, she did mention that he hadn’t made it back into town and he said that maybe Nathan just missed the flight. So…

Julian is still in a state of guilt fueled depression. He can’t help do anything. Brooke sees his face and is all, Hope that helped, I can’t and don’t want to do this alone.  She’s just very much ready for him to get over it already. She’s like Haley, the kid survived, they both need to move forward and do better next time. He goes to his empty soundstage to be useless. Dan walks in and offers him $3000 a month for the use of the soundstage, a trailer, and total privacy. Dan is there to figure out who might’ve take Nathan. He has a lot of enemies. Julian comes in to see if he needs anything and Dan says privacy. Julian figures out that Dan is looking for Nathan and wants to help…both to find Nathan and himself. Cheese vomit!

Dan decides to go investigate one guy and Julian tags along. It’s a dead end as the dude’s been on a repirator for at least a amonth. They go back to the notepad. Dan is alone in his trailer when in walks Mouth. He’s all, ugh, Julian is the worst, but as it turns out, Mouth has some valuable info that could help find Nathan. He finds flyers from the draft. He explains to Dan just what Nathan did in Europe. Dan is grateful, but he can’t help but point out Mouth’s girth.

Some stuff happens with Chase, Tara, and Chris Keller. Brooke remembers seeing Chase with Tara so when CK mentions to her that Tara is his girlfriend, she says it’s typical that Tara would be hooking up with both of them. No worries, CK and Chase stay best friends. Brooke and Millie figure out a way to get customers back. They have CK play and it works!

We end on Lydia walking and Haley crying because Nathan missed it. Oh, and he’s missing, she’s upset about that too.

Until next time…tooda loos!