November 28, 2016

This episode is all talkie talkie. I really hope this whole Nathan being kidnapped thing resolves itself soon. It’s dragging just as much as it did on the original airing. Ugh.

So like I said, everyone does a lot of talking in this one. Except for Quinn, she barely says anything, she’s kinda just there. Brooke and Julian go to Xavier’s parole hearing. She visits with him first and does not find a change man. He’s still gross! Little known fact that they bring up in this episode…he wasn’t charged with Q’s murder. Whaaa? So he’s not in prison for even murdering the store clerk! Nobody really cares about that guy anyway. She speaks before Xavier and the parole board. Pretty brave considering she won’t know the outcome. Of course, surprise surprise, he’s out and already stalking her. She doesn’t know it yet, but we see him in a hoodie peering into the window of Karen’s Cafe as Brooke closes up for the night.

Chase and Chris Keller wake up from their wild night. And um, again, tertiary characters with their very own storyline. Whaaa? At least no Mouth and Millie in this one. CK isn’t in it much after, but Chase has a few more scenes. His number’s been called and he has to report for duty. He tells Chuck and the kid is bummed. He won’t say it, but his dad is not a good guy. Chases says they can hang out before he leaves, but Chuck says he can’t because he’s spending time with his dad later. Of course, later arrives and Chase passes by the dad out with some lady and having drinks. He goes to see Chuck who says that they already went go karting and his dad is inside resting. Chase knows this is bogus and stays. After the visit, Chuck and Chase hug and the kid winces in pain. Chase asks what’s wrong. Chuck says he fell off his bike. Chase wants to see, but Chuck refuses and then gives in. It’s a giant bruise. Chase is confused as to how he got that falling off of his bike. Chuck says not to say anything or his mom will take the bike away and then he runs inside. Chase is totes confused.

Clay talks and talks and talks about stuff. We make no progress. Moving on.

Haley gets a visit from the cop that turned her away. He’s not a detective, but he’s going to investigate as much as he can or something. Um, Tree Hill cops are lazy and useless. This guy is making an off duty house visit? Dude’s gotta be bad news!

Quinn goes along with Haley and the kids to the airport. They are waiting for someone to come through the terminal. It’s…LUCAS! He has his hair long. Oh, The Chad. He’s going to take the kids back with him so that Haley knows the kids are safe while she becomes unhinged and concentrates her efforts on finding Nathan. Lucas knows Nathan will be back. Haley isn’t so sure and needs to think the worst so that she can continue to move forward. Or something like that. She thinks he’s been abducted. Lucas says they don’t know that. Haley says she knows in her soul that the only reason Nathan isn’t home is because he can’t get home. She’s not wrong. They spend all day in the airport waiting for the return flight. At one point Jamie realizes he forgot his iPod at home which has the last video message from Nathan on it. Quinn talks him through it and they decide call Julian because he’ll know how to send it from Jamie’s computer. Eventually it’s time to go and it’s a heartbreaking parting, but it needs to be done.

While Julian is sending the video to Jamie, he notices something and decides to take a copy of it on a flashdrive to Dan. It’s a SanDisk flashdrive. They try to marker out the brand, but they failed. Innyway, Dan watches it and watches it and watches it. And when Julian gets back from the prison he helps Dan blow up a particular image on the wall behind Nathan’s head. It’s some kind of crest with a bird on it. Dan knows what it means. Dun dun dun.

As for poor Nathan, he’s still stuck in a room with a criminals that are ALL talk. He gets all cheesey about how he’s not afraid and the guy will never have his fear blah blah blah. The guy threatens his wife and Nathan’s all, I’ll kill you. They put a bag over his head. At one point the guy that Clay was fugue buying drugs from comes looking for more speed to sell. OF COURSE these guys are his suppliers. For a small town, Tree Hill has A LOT of seedy business and our gang knows how to find it. All the while Nathan is trying to undo the zip tie. Eventually he does and chokes the bad guy unconscious. He makes it kinda far. But he runs into that nice desk cop that’s going to help look for him. This should’ve been a HUGE red flag for Nathan. The cop changes the clip in his gun and then hands it to Nathan saying to take the gun in case he runs into trouble and he’ll meet him by the squad car. He takes the pocket knife Nathan had used to cut his ankles free. Nathan does run into trouble and tries to shoot the guy, but guess what…yep, it’s empty. The cop comes up behind him and knocks him out, asking the other bad guy if he has to do everything. When Nathan comes to, he’s zip tied back in the chair only this time the cop is duct taping him to the chair as well. Makes sense. Nathan questions how the cop could do such a thing. The cop says he’s a desk cop and they won’t make him detective. Gee, wonder why! He’s says this gig pays better. The phone rings and a new payment agreement has been reached. Once the money gets to town, they’ll kill Nathan. Meh, they’re just gonna talk him to death! Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!