November 29, 2016

Ok, so this show is cheesey and I love it, I embrace it even. Just wanted to mention that.

What the heck?! Miss Lauren is pregnant?! Yep, Skills sees her and thinks the baby is his. When he sweetly confronts her about it, he is informed that the baby is not his. Nope, it’s David’s…yep, that David, Quinn’s ex. Ok, so what, who cares?

Brooke’s story is creep, yet rather tame than the others. Xavier reveals that he’s out of prison and needs a job. Really, he spends the whole episode being a creeper and harassing Brooke in a very low key way. But make no mistake, this dude is bad news! The best part is that Julian keeps threatening him with stay away from my family or imma beat you or whatever. Um, Julian, no.

It’s Chase’s last day in Tree Hill. He goes to Chuck’s house to check on him. The mom acts weird and then the dad comes to the door. Chase just does not trust this guy. Chris Keller thinks Chase is just jumping to conclusions. He finds Chase looking up what the consequences will be if he beats the crap out of Chuck’s dad. Chase knows that the Tree Hill police are bogus. CK tells Chase that he’ll look after Chuck and if he notices anything untoward, he’ll call the proper authorities. I believe CK will do it too since Chase is the only friend he has that likes hanging out with him. Of course, before he reports, Chase goes to visit Chuck one more time. When he approaches the house he hears yelling and hitting. It sounds scary in there. He goes to get a crowbar out of trunk. Chuck races from the house and Chase tells him to stay outside. And like a man possessed, he goes in there and just starts beating Chuck’s dad. You don’t hear the mom screaming for him to stop or anything and Chuck stays outside like he was told. We see from afar as Chase just hits the dad over and over with the bar. The next time we see him he’s being walked in handcuffs to a squad car. His face is covered in the blood of the father and he’s got a wild look about him. Chuck and the mom just stare with sadness.

It finally happened! Clay finally had his breakthrough. Can you guess what it was? Yep, Logan is his son! He has a lot of talk therapy and he tries to reject it, but when he walks past Logan playing with a model airplane, he remembers everything about the day Sara died. He remembers going to see his infant son in the crib. Clay questions how the doc could let that go on for so many years. The doc says that he and Sara’s parents told him everyday about Logan, but Clay refused to accept it. Clay just blocked it out. Now, I still think that is the wildest thing. For serious? Does that happen? That’s sad. He doesn’t want to take him home though. He’s just in shock. Quinn comes to visit and promises that whatever he says won’t change them as a couple. Um…and we leave them with him about to tell her what he remembered.

Poor Haley and Dan. They just don’t know how to function without Nathan. While Dan is following some prison leads with Julian, Haley is called to go to the morgue and identify a body. It’s not Nathan’s! Quinn goes with her. It’s actually really well done the whole thing. When they get back to the house DEB is there! Yay, Deb! They hug and talk. Haley just doesn’t trust Dan. Deb is all, I totes get it, but all the good Dan has ever done has been for Nathan and he would never do anything to harm him. Haley’s all, yeah, I get that, but Dan is also a real a-hole. Deb says Haley should still talk to him. Heck, Deb goes to see him and they actually act like decent human beings to each other. Hm. So after a day of getting nowhere, Haley goes to see Dan in his trailer on the soundstage. She wants to know what he knows. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!