November 30, 2016

I’m about to pass out so here is the rundown…

Clay and Quinn spend another day at the treatment facility. Quinn talks to the doc while Clay spends time with Logan. Eventually, he tells Logan that he’s his father. Logan rejects Clay upon receiving  news. To be continued.

Mouth spends his day writing his sports blog, visiting Jimmy’s grave and trying to lose weight by jogging and working out with Skills and cleaning out his fridge of junk food and menus. No Millie in this one.

Brooke has a crappy day. Xavier continues to be a creep and of course the Tree Hill PD can’t be bothered. To add to it, Tara hires Xavier to work for her at the Tree Hill Cafe. Tara is playing a very dangerous game, she has no idea! Julian and Brooke are the stalkers in this one though as they follow Xavier around. They call the police on him thinking that he’s breaking into a house, but it turns out that he wasn’t. Xavier threatens Brooke at one point saying that she needs to stop and that he can get to her at any time. He’s not joking as we see him holding one of the babies in their room while Brooke and Julian sleep. Roll credits.

Chase gets discharged from the Air Force for beating the snot out of Chuck’s dad. At first, Chuck lies about what happened, but then he feels bad because he loves Chase so he decides to go with his mom to speak on behalf of Chase and tellsthe truth. This was prompted by Chris Keller going to talk with Chuck after Chase told him what could happen and what did happen. He’s not mad at Chuck, he just goes to listen and stuff and help his friend Chase. Chuck admits to lying and feeling bad about it. CK says that Chuck should wanna be more like Chase because he did the right thing even though he was afraid of what might happen. After the discharge, Chuck and his mom say that Chase won’t be going to jail because they told the police and the Air Force that Chase was acting in defense of Chuck. The dad has been arrested and charged. Chuck thinks that what he said meant nothing and didn’t help Chase since he won’t be flying for the Air Force anymore. Chase assures him that his testimony meant everything and give him a hug. Awww.

Haley and Dan spend the day together. No Nathan in this one. Haley dresses up like a working girl to lure the drug dealer to the back of the bar so that Dan could be the tar out of him. She cold. They then take him to the soundstage so that they can interrogate him. Haley gets some licks in as well. The guy says her husband is dead. Dan tells Haley to go so that he can question him further using even more brutal means. Haley tells Dan to do whatever it take to bring Nathan home.

She has a conversation with Brooke over the phone. They give each other a rundown of their day. Brooke asks a question that I’ve been thinking is the theme for this. How did this become their world? Seriously, they were living in a romantic comedy the past couple of years and no they’re in a like a psychological thriller. And it makes all of the complications of the earlier seasons seem so cute and trite. It’s weird. It’s like, whaaa?

Until next time…tooda loos!