December 1, 2016

Alrighty, so this episode took over the top and ran with it! It’s a thriller!!! Loves it.

We get our final scene teased in the finale. We finally find out what it is that Chris Keller doesn’t like and why he’s with Dan.

The episode opens in the soundstage with Julian freaking out because Dan has the drug dealer in the trunk of his car. Julian thinks they’re going to prison. Dan is super cool about everything and says they aren’t. He says they are the only two that know. And then Chris Keller comes up behind them and asks if that dude is dead. So now it’s just the 3 of them and Haley, as Dan points out, that knows about the kiddnapping and sound beating of the drug dealer. The two offer to help, CK not meaning for Dan to take him up on his offer. Yep, these two yahoos are what Dan has to work with. Oh, CK explains that he knew where they were because he followed Haley around the night before…because he was worried about her and he wants to help bring Nathan home. More on them later.

Other stuff happening…Clay and Quinn spend the day driving to Sara’s grave so that Clay can talk to her. He does. But just her gravestone. Zzzz…When they start driving back home he tells Quinn that he remembers Logan calling him dad, that it was his first word and he wants to hear Logan call him that again. They have a pretty hum drum day compared to Brooke!

Brooke walks into open up the cafe in the morning. It’s been totally trashed. Tara comes in for reasons and Brooke tells her to get the hay outta there because it’s her fault. Tara’s all, pshaw and skedaddles. Brooke spends the day cleaning up and finds an X has been carved into the counter. She calls Julian to tell him stuff about Xavier, but Julian can’t really talk and makes up an excuse that he’s in a movie. He does make sure she’s ok and tells her to go home and stuff. Brooke tells him bye. The lights go out so she goes to the breaker and it doesn’t work. Hmmm…We see Xavier watching her from outside the window, but he’s gone by the time she turns around. She locks up and leaves and we see him watching her still. She goes to a parking garage. Say whaaa? That’s crazy. So she goes there even though we’ve NEVER seen our friends park there and gets in the elevator. When it opens, there’s Xavier. Ugh. He attacks her and they struggle and she runs and hides and he finds her and he attacks her and they struggle and then he gets the upper hand or so he thinks…He says no one is going to save her and right at that moment, someone is tasing him from behind. As he falls to the ground, we see that it’s Tara. She says that he is creepy! She asks if Brooke is ok and um, NOOOOO! Brooke shakes her head no and reaches for the taser. She then proceeds to taser his heart area. The next we see them, the police are there and they are on the sidewalk drinking coffee. Brooke says the coffee is awful. Tara says something tacky about the coffee Brooke serves. Brooke looks at her all like…for reals? Tara looks up at her cafe and says she has to sell it because it makes her not very nice. Brooke agrees. Yep, that was Brooke’s night. Hey, at least he confessed to killing Q…I hope she’s able to make that stick!

Back to our trio! Dan has the guys practice shooting. He asks them why they wanna help. He’s confused why CK wants to help. If Nathan returns, he’s out of the picture, he’ll never have Haley. CK is ok with that because he never had Haley anyway, but he does care about them. He really does. He question why Dan would help because unlike him, Dan did have them, yet when Nathan returns, Dan won’t have family either. Dan changes the subject to Julian’s purpose for helping. At first Julian says it’s because Nathan is his friend. But Dan knows that isn’t it, they’re more like acquaintances. Julian says he wants to stand up against bad people who do bad things to good people. He’s really cheesey. Dan says they strike at night.

They go and Dan has Julian cut the lock on the gate, but then locks him out of the car and tells him to go home, he has a family. Julian goes to hide. He really can’t go home, that’s a long walk in the dark! Dan then hands CK a shot gun and tells him what he’s supposed to do. This is what CK doesn’t like. They finally make their move. Dan shoots a guy and Chris Keller creates a diversion by driving the car into the guard. He pins him against the wall! Chris Keller thinks his job is done and he bolts out of the car. Dan shoots a bunch more bad guys. He gets Nathan and tricks the main baddie, Demetri into shooting the drug dealer. They have a nice father and son moment. Nathan is weak because he’s been sitting and tied to a chair for days and days. He has to be a total mess inside seeing as there is no evidence that he messed himself or anything! As they are leaving, Demetri walks in from outside and shoots, but Dan runs and  gets in front of Nathan so the bullet hits him in the back. He tells Nathan he’s sorry and falls to the ground. Demetri then talks and talks in Shakespeare quotes as he tends to do and Nathan finds a prime opportunity to shoot that sucker in the heart. Just as that guy falls down dead, the cop comes in and also runs his mouth long enough for Julian to whack him over the head with the bolt cutters. Awww, Julian never left him. They check on Dan who is unconscious and bleed out and it looks like Julian is going to call 911.

Haley spends the whole episode by herself at the house. She remembers about the time she wanted Nathan to leave her alone…when she was depressed and stuff. Then she watches the video of Nathan’s press conference for Duke back in high school. Her hair really does look super cute this season, for serious! The phone rings and she says, Hello. Roll credits.

What an exciting episode! I think the next one is going to be a tearjerker though. Maybe?

Until next time…tooda loos!