December 2, 2016

Only 3 episodes left. I already miss it and want to watch it again. I may have a sickness.

Innyway, as it turns out, it was not the cops Julian was calling, it was Haley! Julian drives the squad car from the crooked cop (yep, that dude drove his cop car to go and do nefarious deeds). He races it to the hospital and uses the radio to call in that he’ll be arriving with the Scotts at the hospital. Brooke, who is currently giving a statement to a cop, hears the call over the radio in that cop’s car and takes off. Haha. She knows that Tree Hill PD is useless and there’s no point in giving statements.

Haley shows up at the hospital. She sees Nathan and he says, Hey, Hales. And she says say that again and he does and they hug and kiss and hug and  Always and Forever and it’s the best!

So I guess this episode spans into the next morning, of course. Maybe a couple days, idk, because Deb brings Jamie and Lydia to the hospital at one point. Unknown, really how much time has passed.

Clay and Quinn spend their day getting Logan back. They get him back. Yay, good for them. Such a weird storyline. At one point they do go to the hospital after Haley calls them to tell them the news. Clay and Quinn have a heart to heart and it’s sweet, they’re boys, yo. Everybody’s happy, ladeeda. But then the news comes that the docs did all they could but with the blood loss and the bad heart, Dan’s ticker won’t be tickin’ for long.

After her visit, Brooke spends her day coming to terms with what a jerkface her father is. He says he found a buyer for Barkerman, but she doesn’t want to sell, she wants to run it with him. He’s all confused why she’s mad and he leaves.

Dan has these little rememberances of how awful he is/was and thinks that there’s no forgiveness for him and whatnot. Nathan has a crisis of not understanding his feelings. He’s been so mad at him for all this time but he’s also sad because Dan has done a lot of good for him as well. And humans are complicated. Haley says it’s ok to love his father and not be able to stand him at the same time. When Deb talks to Dan, he frees her from her guilt. He knows that Deb had nothing to do with him killing Keith. He doesn’t want her to walk around with it. He says that he alone pulled the trigger. It’s all on him. At one point, Haley takes Lydia and Jamie into the room to visit with him before he kicks it. He apologizes for taking Keith from her and for being such an epic creeper when she was a teenager and that he now realizes that she’s the best thing that ever happened to Nathan and whatnot. She says he can hold Lydia. All kinds of heart to hearts happen and you can’t believe that everyone is sad Dan Scott is going to die, but at the same time, you totally get it.

It’s night time and Dan goes to see Nathan at the River Court. They talk about stuff and Nathan says that Dan doesn’t have to apologize to him because he would be where he his without him. Dan tries to explain why he killed Keith. After their talk, Dan wants to play a game. He’s never gotten to play one on one with his son at the River Court. Nathan wants to know what they’re playing to and Dan says, let’s not keep score for once. And they start to play and then they hear a beep. And Dan is dead in his hospital bed, his family surrounding him. Then we see his spirit talk to…OMG, it’s KEITH! Dan gets up from the bed. And dude, I do not remember seeing his name as a Special Guest Star, just Deb’s, so this is a total surprise! And if you aren’t a little misty by this point, your heart is cold. They walk out into the hallway and talk about stuff. Keith says Dan became the brother he always wanted at the end there. He finally learned some selflessness and humility. And in the end, Dan’s family is right there with him which is something he didn’t expect. They start to walk down the hallway of the high school where he killed Keith. Keith says neither of them really left that hallway. Keith says it’s time to go little brother. Dan asks where he’s going, knowing they can’t be going to the same place. Keith says for Dan not to worry, he’s his plus one. OMG, I can’t event. I lost it. I did, it still gets me. I teared up about as much as I did the first time I saw it when it first aired. I’m tearing up just writing about it. I can’t help it. This show. Roll credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!