December 3, 2016

Unfortunately, this one is pretty lame for a penultimate episode. And I don’t recall ever knowing that Sophia Bush directed this one. But that’s what the credits say.

We’ll start with Brooke and Julian. These two are are working on a pitch he’s going to give some TV people for making An Unkindness of Raven’s into a TV series. He gives his pitch to the actual people and they like it enough to order a pilot. What I hate most of all is that he writes in the character of Julian to go to school at Tree Hill High and he makes the game winning shot. Brook’s all, Cooool! Yeah, no. In the meantime, Brooke goes to see Victoria and finds that her parents are together. OMG! Dun dun dun. Julian goes into the hotel room to chastise her father. He does this all on his own. I’m all, Oh, Julian, like you’re so perfect?! Later her parent’s come to the house to make amends and tell them that before Brooke showed up in the room, they had already discussed running Bakerman as a family. Later at the Burning Boat, they sit down to watch together while it burns. No matter how they try to rewrite it with Julian’s show, THIS show will never be about Brooke to me. She is NOT the central character! Ugh! Brooke’s whole story is a snooze fest to me.

Clay and Quinn continue to have their own show within the show. Zzzz. Logan gets to stay over at the beach house with them. I guess they’re going to move slowly in moving him out of his grandparents’ house. He’s afraid of the ocean, but no worries, Quinn manages to get him to dip his toes in the water. She promises him ice cream. Zzzz.

Mouth finally took off the fat suit and he’s back to his previous form. Millie knows he wants to do more sports announcing so she talked to Jerry and Mouth gets his own sports show. They hold auditions for a new co-host and Kylie gets the job. She freezes up on air. Later, Mouth and Millie suggest Skills for the position. Skills has his debut with Millie during coverage for the Burning Boat Festival.

Chase is completely superfluous! Still don’t get why he’s around. He spends the episode being down about his lot in life as the TRIC bartender. Haley takes pity on his soul. Towards the end, she’s already talked to Karen and Chase can buy the bar. Chase asks with what money and Haley has a plan!

Speaking of poor Haley. Nathan and Jamie went on a camping trip and we weren’t invited so they are not in this episode. This is another episode that can be evidence that Haley is on some kind of speed. She does a lot of stuff in a day! She has to write her speech for the festival as she is the speaker this year. While she’s there helping set up, Skills comes by with a couple crates of cds he can’t get rid of. Haley doesn’t want those in the boat for reasons and she offers to take them home. She does and she finds the mix cd of the first night concert at TRIC. Inside is a flyer Peyton made. It’s been 10 years!!!! She instantly has an idea! She goes around being really understanding of people and just sort of has her day on her own.

Chuck manages to put a crate that contains fireworks. When the boat burns for a bit, the fireworks go off and it looks really pretty. Roll Credits.

Until next time…tooda loos!