December 5, 2016

So the day has come…Day 188 of One Tree Hill. It’s been fun! I didn’t think I’d be able to follow through, but I totes did. With the support and understanding of my family and friends, I was able to watch an episode a day and write a blog post/recap of it. Some entries took longer than others so sometimes it really did take some patience. But I got them all done before the clock struck midnight and I’m super excited. I can’t think of another show I could committ to doing this with…only one episode a day and a blog entry for each one. It’s harder than it sounds!

A quick note: For some reason Netflix has removed scenes from this episode. I don’t really remember missing any in previous episodes, but definitely this one. I found the missing stuff on YouTube. I think the DVDs include the whole episode, but Idk for sure. The missing scenes can be found here, here, and here. And I’ll throw in a link to a site that has all the music listings. I’m glad that site still exists! I used to use it all of the time while the show was airing. They did a great job on it and didn’t take it away!

We open on the show title over a blue sky. Nathan is watching his 17 year old self play on the River Court. Nathan has a deep thought about life…One day you’re 17 and thinking about someday. Then someday is today. Then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.

A lot of the opening, we’ve already heard them say. It’s repeated from I think the season 5 opener. The thing is, this whole episode is meant to feel familiar and nostalgic. It accomplishes what they set out to do…it makes the quiet moments the big moments. This is an entertaining episode without all of the crazy shennanigans this show could get itself into. It’s simply the culmination of some teenage kids reaching that day past someday and turning out alright. And that feels good. And that’s ok. And that’s big.

The backdrop of the episode is a concert that Haley organized for TRIC’s 10th anniversary. The whole gang is there. We get to see Haley sing a song, Chris sings a song, and GAVIN DeGRAW! It’s great. Because another important aspect of this show is the impact the music makes.

We see that our friends are doing well. Chris Keller returns after “being on the lam”. Everyone just thought he was on tour so no one thought to tell him that everything having to do with Nathan’s abduction was taken care of. He and Chase seem to remain best friends forever. Awww. Haley also has some kind words for CK, thanking him for helping bring Nathan home and she makes him the label’s next artist. He would do anything for her! Nathan even gets in on giving CK some props. He gives him a guitar that looks exactly like the one he sold to buy Haley’s masters. Nathan tells him that it’s THE guitar. CK is grateful to have “Haley James” back. Nathan’s all, Whaaa? Oh, Chris.

Mouth gets a $500,000 check in the mail from the Dan Scott Estate. Mouth and Skills and Millie meet up on the River Court. They reminisce about the old days and tell her a little about Jimmy. Mouth doesn’t know why Dan gave him that check. He just remembers that the last time he saw Dan was after he got fired for refusing to report the Nathan baby scandal. He had told Dan that it didn’t matter he had done that and Dan told him that it did. And that’s what the note with the check said, What you do matters. On Millie and Skills they introduce Mouth’s new human interest sports show. Mouth gives a teaser and talks about Jimmy and Keith and that he’s starting the Edwards-Scott Scholarship fund for students who want to study sports related fields. It’s actually a really sweet moment and probably the only time I actually like Mouth.

Chase ends up owning TRIC and I guess Haley has put together the concert as a way to help him make his payments as well? Idk, but she said she’d help. He still makes terrible cocktails that no one can drink.

Clay and Quinn adopt Logan and get married all on the same day at the court house. At least I think it’s the same day. Bevin works there now and is who puts together their paperwork. She and Tim are divorced now.

Julian has started filming his TV show. Brooke walks through the sets and it all comes flooding back to her how much she loved and misses high school. And she’s really happy now and stuff. And she’s a crier, dude. Julian takes her to her old house with the red door, only it’s their house now! We see a short and sweet scene of Brooke, Julian, and her parents toasting to the launch of Baker Man. Brooke and Haley have a great friend convo and she tells Haley she bought the store front across the street for Baker Man. Haley is ecstatic. They now have their own little corner, the corner of Front and Grace. Sniffle

Nathan and Haley are still the best! Well, they’re my favorite anyway. Haley shows Jamie the loose brick on the roof of the Cafe. The prediction box is still there. She wants him to start making his own predictions/goals. He says he’s going to break his dad’s scoring record. While up there they look over the city (the view from up there varies, haha) and she tells him about the magic there and the magic in his eyes and then she becomes the Karen/mother hen of the group by saying, There is only one Tree Hill and it’s your home, Jamie Scott. Awww. It’s sweet. We also see a cute little at home dinner for two scene. They are both dressed up and Nathan serves her mac and cheese and a Cracker Jack box. He says she can eat dessert first. She opens the box and inside the prize packet is a silver? bracelet with diamonds? I’m guessing. It’s really simple and beautiful and NOT plastic. Awww! Then later it starts raining so they go play in the rain and kiss or whatever and it’s a striking difference from the first time. Those two can really tolerate the water now. It’s great! Naley 4evah!

We conclude years later. We aren’t told that, but we kinda get the feeling. Haley’s hair is longer. Nathan is “rushing” her as she closes up the cafe. Looks like they’re on their way to a basketball game. Brooke and Julian walk out of Baker Man. Julian caws. Nathan laughs and says that no one does that. Julian says they do it every week on the show. Nathan laughs and caws back. They’ll see each other there, wherever there is. It seems like Nathan and Julian are actually friends now, not just acquaintances as Dan had put it. They all do meet up at the basketball game. EVERYONE is there: Julian and Brooke, Clay and Quinn, Bevin and Skills (looks like they’re back together, awww), Mouth and a pregnant Millie, Chase and Chris Keller, Naley…did I miss anybody? And we see them looking over at what must be older versions of the kids. They start up that make wish voiceover and we see them start cheering for Jamie as the team starts making their way onto the court. He’s #12, by the way, just like he said he’d be. Also, his jersey hangs next to his dad’s as the All Time Leading scorer. Man, he’s already been in high school long enough to do that?! Our friends are ooooold! Haha. ¬†The song, “One Tree Hill” (the show’s namesake) by U2 plays in the background. The final words come from our 3 best friends.

Brooke: So make your wish. Do you have it?

Nathan: Good, now believe in it…

Haley: With all your heart.

It’s been real…tooda loos!